Take picture by the pool, Ronaldo critized by ex-Juve boss


The quarantine period does not necessarily make Cristiano Ronaldo stay at home. Recently, a photo of Mega Star Portugal circulating was swimming with a number of colleagues. The photo then sparked criticism from Giovanni Cobolli Gigli, who is known as the former President of Juventus.


Juventus themselves have actually obliged all their players to undergo an independent quarantine at their respective homes. The goal is clear, so that the spread of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 is not getting worse.


Moreover, until this news was revealed there have been three findings of the Positive Covid-19 case in the Bianconneri squad. The three players are Daniele Rugani, Blaise Matuidi and Paulo Dybala.


Not only self-quarantine, Juventus players are also not allowed to go home to their hometown. Except Cristiano Ronaldo, because the 35-year-old player was already in Portugal before the policy.


Ronaldo immediately flew to Portugal after the party against Inter Milan. The reason is because the mother is having a stroke, but her condition is now improving. But, this Coronavirus Pandemic makes Ronaldo trapped in his hometown and undergo an independent quarantine.


However, in the midst of suggestions to isolate yourself by staying at home, actually circulating photos of Cristiano Ronaldo swimming in a pool with some of his colleagues.


The behavior of the mega star sparked criticism and criticism from former President of Juventus, Giovanni Cobolli Gigli.


“Things at Juventus become complicated when Cristiano Ronaldo leaves. Ronaldo said he would go to Portugal because of his mother, but now he only looks photographed by the pool. When exceptions are made for him, everything falls apart and other people want to leave but it shouldn’t be like this. They should all be quarantined, “Gigli was quoted as saying from Marca.


Italy itself is the second country after China to feel the worst effects of this virus outbreak. In total, more than 70,000 cases of Corona have been found in the Land of Spaghetti. This number will continue to grow day after day.


Therefore, the Italian government then locked down all their territories. Football is also banned, even the Italian Serie A competition this season will be suspended until May 2020.


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