Taking Islam seriously, Katty Butterfly learns to read Iqra’

A beatiful DJ, Katty Butterfly seems really serious about studying Islam after officially becoming Mu’alaf recently. In fact, in her latest upload on Social Media, she was seen learning how to read Iqra’.

Previously, it should be noted that Katty Butterfly is a DJ figure from Thailand, who went viral a few years ago. She also had become a celebrity and YouTuber.

DJ Katty Butterfly also raised a question mark from netizens, whether she is really a woman or a transgender person, given the rise of transgender people from Thailand who work as DJs. However, in the end, the accusation was denied.

So recently, DJ Katty Butterfly has returned to the spotlight for deciding to convert to Islam, aka becoming a convert. This is also known in the relevant uploads on Social Media.

After officially becoming a Muslimah, DJ Katty Butterfly then uploaded some of her activities while studying the religion on Social Media. Including recently, the DJ posted the Iqra book on her Instagram.

There is no caption in the photo, Katty Butterfly only uploaded a photo of Iqra’s book, which she seems to be studying.

Netizens then gave many positive comments to DJ Katty, they cheered the DJ on.

“Enthusiastic, isn’t it too late to learn,” said the rest *** account.

“Ambassador and we have just learned the Koran, dut spirit,” explained the emm *** account.

“Masyaallah …. good luck, miss … Always istikhomah,” said the hetr account ***.

Meanwhile, when the DJ decided to convert to Islam, celebrity Aiman ​​Ricky, who was rumored to be close to her, also witnessed the procession.

“Yes, I also watched (the process of converting)” said Aiman ​​to detikcom some time ago.

At first, many netizens suspected that DJ Katty Butterfly decided to become a convert, because she really wanted to marry Aiman, but this news was strongly denied by those concerned.

DJ Katty Butterfly confirmed that it was because of her own desire to become a Muslimah.

“Convert religion is not because of Aiman, it’s because of my own desire, really not because of Aiman, really,” explained Katty Butterfly some time ago.

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