Ter Stegen hopes Lionel Messi will stay at Barcelona

Lionel Messi does stay at Barcelona in the end, but it is highly likely that he will leave the Catalan giants at the end of this season. Related to this, goalkeeper Andre Ter Stegen expressed his hope that Messi would choose to stay.

The Argentine superstar has never left Barcelona since his debut in the senior team in 2004 until now.

There was an attempt to leave Camp Nou last summer, but Barcelona prevented it. The Catalan giants put up a tag of 700 million euros which of course could not be redeemed by any club, finally Messi was forced to survive.

But keep in mind, Messi’s remaining contract at Barcelona is only one year away, which means that the player nicknamed La Pulga can leave Barca on a free transfer at the end of this season.

Obviously the public is looking forward to the moment when Messi leaves Barcelona. The reason is, so far the 33-year-old player has been considered an icon of the Catalan club, presented many titles and won 6 Ballons d’Or.

Attaching the Barcelona image to Lionel Messi made many parties also hope that the player would give up his intention to leave and hang on until he hung up his boots at the Camp Nou.

One such hope is Barcelona goalkeeper Marc Andre Ter Stegen.

“It’s always an advantage to have Messi in the team, because he can score goals from anywhere – that’s what makes him special,”

“I hope he continues to play here and feel happy. You have to give him the opportunity to be on top of everything, because he is an important part of our game,” Ter Stegen told BarcaTV.

Actually, Messi is still very happy to defend Barcelona, ​​but in his words some time ago, the captain was not satisfied with the performance of the club’s management.

In fact, Messi admitted that he had planned his departure since 2019, but was still being held by Barcelona. Now with his remaining contract remaining for the season, it is likely that Messi will leave on a free transfer at the end of the season.

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