Tested positive for Covid-19, this is Cristiano Ronaldo’s current condition now

Football was shocked by the news that the winner of five Ballon d’Or, Cristiano Ronaldo has contracted the Coronavirus. So, what is the current condition of the Portuguese mega star?

The news was quite shocking since last Tuesday (13/10). At that time, the Portuguese Football Federation announced that the captain of the Seleccao Team, Cristiano Ronaldo had tested positive for Covid-19 and was undergoing self-quarantine.

With the findings of this case, Cristiano Ronaldo automatically cannot strengthen the Portuguese National Team in the UEFA Nations League continued on Thursday. As is known, Portugal will indeed face Sweden.

Many European media were immediately in an uproar and made this news their headlines as of Wednesday (14/10). Not a few Ronaldo fans also wrote messages of support to the idol via social media.

Fortunately, the latest condition of the former Real Madrid star was uploaded by his lover, Georgina Rodriguez.

Through her latest story, the woman from Argentina uploaded a screenshot when she contacted Ronaldo via a video call. He also completed it with the words ‘You are my inspiration’.

In the upload, it appears that Cristiano Ronaldo is indeed fine. The 35-year-old man doesn’t seem to be experiencing any symptoms.

However, the player must continue to undergo a 10-day isolation period in his hometown, Portugal. Therefore, CR7 will be absent from defending Juventus in the match against Crotone and Dynamo Kyiv.

Later, after the self-quarantine process takes place, Cristiano Ronaldo will return to undergo the covid-19 test, if the results are negative he will immediately be allowed to do his usual activities.

If this is the case, then Ronaldo is likely to be able to play when Juventus face Hellas Verona and Barcelona.

But vice versa, if Ronaldo is proven to be still infected with the Coronavirus even though he has undergone independent isolation, then his isolation time will be added by another 10 days.

Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo is only one of the world’s top soccer players who have been infected with this outbreak. Previously there were Neymar, Mbappe and several other players who managed to recover from the Coronavirus.

Fortunately, none of them experienced severe symptoms of this epidemic infection.

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