Tested positive for COVID-19, this Juventus defender feeling grateful?

Juventus defender Daniele Rugani became the first positive Italian Serie A player to be infected with the Coronavirus or COVID-19. After a week or so passed, Rugani claimed to be grateful. Why?

For information, among European countries affected by Corona Virus, Italy was recorded as the most severe. How come? So far this news was revealed, there have been more than 20 thousand cases in the country where Spaghetti came from.

Because of this fact, the Italian Government then implemented several policies to prevent the spread from getting worse, including banning its citizens from leaving the house.

While from the football sector itself, there was a decision to continue to hold the Serie A competition but without spectators. But in the end the competition was really suspended or postponed at least until the beginning of April 2020.

Later, juventus defender Daniele Rugani became the first soccer player to contract the Corona Virus. Shortly afterwards, several other names began to be infected including Sampdoria, Manolo Gabbiadini and Fiorentina player Patrick Cutrone.

Since Juventus confirmed that Daniele Rugani has tested positive for the virus, a number of clubs have begun to be on the lookout. Some even stop all club activities for a while, quarantining the players so they are not contaminated by the virus.

Rugani himself is just the opposite, he feels grateful for being infected with this Corona virus. The reason is, it makes the people around him begin to realize how they must be vigilant with the presence and spread of the virus.

“I consider myself lucky even though it feels like a major blow, because I am the first in our environment and it raises the awareness of all those who do not understand the seriousness of this problem,” the Juventus defender was quoted by Goal as saying.

In addition, Rugani also claimed to be bored because he had to stay alone in a hotel room, as the policy of the government. However, it made her longing for the people she loved.

“I was alone in the hotel and had to stay a little longer. This isolation period is long and boring, for me and all. So as soon as I leave, I will visit the people I love and miss, “said the Juventus defender.

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