Tests positive for COVID-19, Andrea Dian shares her experience

Indonesia entertainment was shocked by the emergence of the Coronavirus case, which happened to one of the artists. The figure is Andrea Dian, a beautiful artist, aged 34 years has confirmed positive for COVID-19.

This news came last Sunday night, March 22, 2020, where Andrea Dian herself confirmed the news through her social media.

That way, it means that now the beautiful artists who often star in a number of FTVs are undergoing a process of isolation or quarantine. Through his personal Instagram account, the wife of Ganindra Bimo tells how the quarantine process.

“Now I stay in a room with 5 other positive patients with different conditions. I am healthy and have no complaints whatsoever. But in this room some friends are not in the best condition, “she revealed on his Instagram.

Andrea Dian said she was happy with the attitude and service shown by the doctors and nurses in the hospital, where she was quarantined. But this figure who is known to uphold healthy lifestyles sees the medical team very overwhelmed by the growing number of patients.

“Nurses and doctors here are very friendly and helpful. But I see for myself how they are very overwhelmed by the many patients, both positive and suspect, “she said again.

She felt lucky to get a proper resting place. The reason is, there are many patients who have to sleep in less suitable places such as the ward to the container.

“I was lucky enough to get a personal bed, despite the modest room facilities. But outside there are still many who cannot get a decent place to rest. Some patients say some sleep on the ward, even in containers, “she explained again.

In a similar post, this beautiful woman also hopes that the government will act quickly in providing self-protection tools for Medical officers. Because at the place she was quarantined, they lacked some PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) such as Masks, Hand Sanitizers, Tissue and others.

That way, there have been two cases of corona among artists, previously there was Detri Warmanto, who also tested positive for Coronavirus.

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