The 2019-2020 season is the crucial period for Emery’s career in Arsenal

The 2019-2020 season is predicted to be a crucial season for Unai Emery‘s career with Arsenal. If referring to Emery’s first journey in his inaugural season, then it could be said to be a total failure and it can be ascertained that next season Arsenal’s target must be achieved if he wants to be safe in the coaching chair.

Emery is arguably quite able to adapt in the inaugural season of 2018-2019. This predicate is indeed appropriate because Emery got a legacy from Arsenal Wenger, and that means not really getting the team squad that fits his expectations.

As a result, the Gunners are up and down throughout the season. Where they failed to penetrate the position of the top four of the Premier League and were only able to be in the position of the Europa League Runner-up after losing to Chelsea, and it could be said that they failed to enter the Champions League three times in a row.

This record is clearly very bad for Arsenal who are regarded as a team full of star players. However, Emery still won the trust of the club’s top brass. According to one of the English football analysts, Michael Gray believes that Arsenal fans still provide opportunities as failure occurs in the first season.

“My thoughts last season were like going on a free trip. There is not enough pressure on him because of changes from Arsene Wenger and he is trying to create a squad with players to maybe really break into the top four, “Gray said.

However the patience will not go long, London based Arsenal fans will definitely show greater emphasis on the club next season, and Emery will feel the same pressure.

When everything does not go smoothly and ends with a failure again, it will certainly lead to the decision to dismiss. At this time, Emery is back without support for the transfer of players. And for the second time Emery will try to use existing players or bring in young players at lower prices.

“I think everyone will pay attention to him now, in the second season all attention will be on him with what he can do. He had success elsewhere by winning three Europa Leagues in a row. So, I think there is a little pressure he feels. If Arsenal start the season badly, I think he will start to doubt,” Gray closed.

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