The 2020 Thomas and Uber Cup officially postponed

One of the women’s doubles players in Indonesia, Apriyani Rahayu has a suggestion that the 2020 Thomas and Uber Cup tournament should be postponed first. According to him, it would be better to see the development of the situation related to the Corona Virus Pandemic.

According to him, BWF as the World Badminton Federation does not need to force itself to continue to hold the much-awaited tournament. In other words, the tournament was still going on only the timing was postponed.

Moreover, during the last few days there have been several contesting countries that have declared their withdrawal from the tournament, starting from Taiwan, Australia, South Korea, Thailand and others, even Indonesia itself has also resigned.

“In my opinion, it’s just postponed because the conditions are also not possible if (in the) near future. So it’s postponed while waiting for the situation later,” Apriyani told detikSport, Sunday (9/13/2020).

Actually, the Thomas and Uber Cup 2020 was postponed several times, because the initial plan for this tournament was to be held on May 14-24 in Aarhus, Denmark.

Then, BWF postponed the schedule until August 15-23, but because the pandemic had not yet subsided, finally the schedule was pushed back until October 3-11, 2020.

But until now, there has been no official confirmation whether BWF will change the tournament schedule again or not.

What is clear, as a player who should take part in the tournament, Apriyani feels that PBSI has indeed made the right decision by withdrawing from the competition.

“(Worried) for sure. (Hence) it is really right (to step back) because the conditions are still like this. We are athletes also don’t want to force it,” said the 22-year-old player.

Although of course it is a shame to miss an international class tournament like this, according to Apriyani, the safety of everyone is the top priority over anything.

“Just enjoy it, sis, to do everything. It can’t be helped, it’s for the common good too.” He said.

Before Apriyani, there were actually many discordant votes that suggested BWF to review the tournament schedule, including a number of Indonesian badminton athletes.

This concern is considered normal, because there is no guarantee of health and safety from BWF for athletes and official staff who will travel to Denmark later.

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