The 33-year-old Cavani still good for Chelsea

Gustavo Poyet, one of the former Chelsea players and the Uruguay National team seemed very supportive of the discourse of Edinson Cavani’s move to Stamford Bridge. According to him, the striker will look good there.

Chelsea itself has actually been associated with the former Naples since the January 2020 winter transfer market yesterday. Unfortunately, when that Premier League giant failed to reach an agreement with PSG as the owner of Cavani.

At that time, there was news that Chelsea had made an offer that was not in line with Paris Saint-Germain’s expectations. In fact, Cavani may not have been comfortable staying at the French club following his minimal playing quota since the beginning of this season.

Yes, you can say Cavani started to become number two since the arrival of Mauro Icardi from Inter Milan last summer.

However, the failure did not necessarily end the story for Chelsea. Their opportunity to get Cavani services is still wide open. Because the Uruguay player contract with PSG will expire in the transfer market next summer.

Related to this transfer plan, former Uruguayan Gustavo Poyet fully supports 100 percent. He always wanted to see Uruguayan players who had a career in England.

“Of course, I want to see him and other Uruguayan players in England,”

“We always give what the British like: Passion, passion and play for maximum time, whether it’s playing on three mornings or nine nights, playing in the north or south, or summer or winter.” Poyet told Goal International.

Furthermore, Poyet believes that Edinson Cavani can still provide a lot of quality to Chelsea even though he is now 33 years old.

“He is over 30 years old, and he has joined a lot of big clubs in big cities, so now it’s time he enjoys football. He is still good enough to be the main striker in almost all clubs in the world,” he said.

Apart from the arrival of Mauro Icardi, Cavani’s lack of minutes in Paris Saint-Germain was also due to injury. He had been pulled over for a long time due to severe injury at the beginning of this season.

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