The creator of “Copy Paste” has died at 74

Copy Paste feature is very helpful for computer users so far, moreover these features can also be found on Smartphones. Unfortunately, the scientist who created the feature has breathed his last on Monday, February 17, 2020 local time.

Larry Tesler, he is a scientist who managed to create this Copy Paste feature. He has died at 74.

For information, Tesler began his career in Silicon Valley in the 60s. At that time, very few people owned and could use a computer because the price was very expensive. In developing computers, Larry Tesler then created many innovations.

But the most remembered and still used today, maybe even the same decades to come is the Cut, Copy and Paste command features. We know very well that the features of his creation are very useful until now.

“The inventor of the cut / copy & paste was a former Xerox researcher, Larry Tesler. Your work has become easier thanks to his revolutionary ideas,” reports the Xerox.

Larry Tesler was born in the Bronx, New York in 1945. After completing high school education, Tesler then continued his education at the college level on the famous campus, Stanford. After graduating, he became a user interface design specialist with the aim of making it easier to use a computer.

After graduating from college, Tesler then worked in various large companies. He began his career at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (Parc). After that, Tesler was recruited by Steve Jobs to work in his company, Apple.

For approximately 17 years Tesler worked at the Apple companies as Chief Scientist. After that, he made an educational startup and worked briefly on Amazon, then with Yahoo.

Tesler had said that after retirement, he was determined to continue to contribute to knowledge by funding other companies, and sharing his knowledge for future generations.

“After making money, you don’t just retire, you spend time funding other companies. There is a very strong element of pleasure to share what you learn with the next generation,” Tesler said of his mission.

Goodbye Larry Tesler, Your services are truly great for the world of computing.

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