The most common symptoms experienced by Covid-19 patients

Corona virus is still a threat to mankind around the world, but there are indeed many facts about the virus, especially in infected people.

Some of the symptoms that are usually experienced such as thrush, itching, and some are even referred to as symptoms of people with Covid-19.

No wonder the public is quite skeptical about this virus, where some of them say “It’s a little covid”.

But it cannot be denied that is the reality, because this virus has mutated since it first appeared at the end of 2019. Everyone usually feels different symptoms.

However, the following have agreed on some of the most common symptoms that sufferers of the corona virus usually experience.

1. Fever

Since the Corona Virus or Covid-19 was declared a pandemic by WHO, almost all public facilities provide body temperature checking devices that are carried out on every visitor without exception.

That said, this is a very reasonable precaution, considering that one of the most common symptoms of any infection is fever. Likewise in COVID-19, fever is also one of the symptoms most often felt by sufferers.

2. Cough

The Corona virus itself will usually attack breathing, so coughing can be said to be the most common symptom that afflicts people with Covid-19. However, it should also be noted that coughing does not necessarily mean that a person has an outbreak.

But what is clear, we must wear a mask because the spread through droplets that come out of the mouth of someone with coughing is very risky.

3. Losing Sense of Smell and Taste

Actually, temporary loss of smell and taste is not a definite symptom of Covid-19 patients, because sufferers of other respiratory diseases also experience similar symptoms.

However, lately many Corona Virus patients have complained about these symptoms.

4. Aches

Complaints of muscle aches and pains arise when the Corona virus begins to enter the body and experience replication. This process triggers inflammation or inflammation, one of which is marked by complaints of pain.

5. Diarrhea

China has recently been quite horrendous because it plans to do an anal swab test, but the reason is quite reasonable because many Covid sufferers whose virus ends up in digestion and comes out with feces.

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