The postponement of 2020 Euro is the right decision

Wales national team coach Ryan Giggs considers UEFA’s decision to postpone the performance of Euro 2020 until next year is a very appropriate decision.

As is known, Corona Virus does have a devastating effect on almost the world of its true life now, including football. Competitions have now been postponed, especially on the European Continent.

The Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, and French Ligue 1 which are known as the top five European leagues have been officially postponed. The Premier League is planned to be rolled out again on 30 April 2020, but it can take longer if the situation does not improve.

Because the spread of this virus cannot be controlled. Italy is listed as the second worst country after China with more than 40 thousand cases found so far.

The situation no doubt made UEFA also postpone the European Champions League and Europa League competitions. They even postponed the European Cup or Euro 2020, the grand competition which is held every four years will be postponed until 2021.

Although certainly very unfortunate, but not a few parties who strongly support the decision of this UEFA, because after all the safety of everyone is the most important thing.

Wales national team coach, Ryan Giggs, including those who are pro with the decision. Although the 2020 European Cup will be his first competition since serving as Wales national team coach.

“UEFA made a 100 percent right decision to postpone EURO. For the national team coaches, after November it’s always a difficult time because you don’t see the players until March,”

“Of course, it will be longer now but that will be the second priority after everyone’s health and well-being and ensure that everyone is healthy,” Ryan Giggs told Sky Sports.

The Manchester United legend also hopes that the Corona Virus outbreak can be quickly resolved, so that life can go on as usual, as well as football.

“Then we can go back to football and sports in general, which gives many people a break from everyday life.

We only hope it can happen sooner rather than later but first we must get rid of this virus and return to our normal lives,” he said.

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