The reason why Gus Miftah avoids polygamy

Polygamy or having more than one wife, has never ceased to be a conversation among the people of Indonesia. Naturally, many public figures to religious leaders who polygamy, or have more than one wife.

By law in force in the State of Indonesia, or by Islamic Sharia Law, Polygamy is permitted. Even in the Al-Quran there is a letter explaining that polygamy is legitimate, with one man who has a maximum of four wives.

Starting from Aa Gym, Alm. Ust. Arifin Ilham, until the Kiwil has more than one wife. Then why did Gus Miftah, who later became famous as a Spiritual Teacher Deddy Corbuzier, choose not to practice polygamy?

Not without reason, the owner of the Ora Aji Islamic Boarding School then explained the reason in Deddy Corbuzier’s Youtube Podcast Channel.

“Usually the intention is inferior to the facts. No, I’m the type of loyal guy. I said, great men are not men who love many women, but love one woman in many ways, “he said.

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W who is the propagator of Islam on this earth is also polygamy. But Gus Miftah explained the reasons behind this.

“Why did the Messenger of Allah have many wives? Because all the activities of the Prophet said those actions must be recorded to be used as an example by the people. Therefore, if there is only one wife, the hard drive will not fit, so it will take many wives to record all the activities of the Prophet,” he said.

Besides, according to him, it is very difficult to be fair to every wife. Therefore, Gus Miftah was reluctant to polygamy.

“The concept of justice will be very difficult and for me to read myself, my possibility for fairness is difficult, because try to see that the new ones are still young, the old ones are rather old. To share justice is already very difficult, bro, and I believe as smart as a husband can save a young wife in the end, stay old,” he said.

Gus Miftah himself is known to only have one wife, while Deddy Corbuzier is currently widowed. He officially divorced Kalina Oktavia some time ago. The black-and-white show host was then close to a beautiful woman named Sabrina Chairunnisa.

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