The world’s best defender according to Franco Baresi

The great legend of AC Milan and Italian Football, Franco Baresi was recently asked for his opinion about the figure of the world’s best defender.

Franco Baresi is one of the best defenders of the world in his former glory era, around the 80s to 90s. In fact, several parties claim to be one of the best defenders in the history of Italian Football.

In addition to its quality, Baresi also won a number of prestigious titles along with AC Milan while still actively playing. No wonder the question is then asked for opinions about the best defender at the moment.

According to the Legend for the past two decades, soccer has grown rapidly.

“Football has developed rapidly in the last 15 or 20 years,” Baresi told a question and answer session with FIFA.

He was also happy with this development, especially since the defenders are now more valued than their eras.

“Changes in football don’t only happen on the pitch. Access to information and the role of social media are also changing and it affects football.

“I think how people look at a defender has changed in the last few years. Real football fans know how important a defender is and they increasingly appreciate the presence of defenders. He said.

So, who is the best defender according to this Italian legend? The answer is Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dijk. According to him the Dutch national team player is the most prominent compared to other defenders today.

“If I have to name one of the best defenders, then the most prominent figure is Virgil van Dijk. He showed the quality of character and also the strength that must be had to become a successful leader in a team like Liverpool,” he said.

Van Dijk docked to Liverpool in the winter of 2018 yesterday. In his second season with the Reds, precisely the 2018/19 season yesterday, he succeeded in helping Jurgen Klopp’s troops win the European Champions League.

Along with the slick performance and contribution, Van Dijk won the best European player award. But the defender must be satisfied to be ranked second in the 2019 Ballon d’Or award. The Dutch national team player only lost to Messi.

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