There is no guarantee for Courtois playing in Madrid’s main team

Thibaut Courtois, the Belgian national team goalkeeper, has officially joined Real Madrid, as was the agreement between Los Blancos and Chelsea as the previous player’s owner. Although he feels happy with the move, Courtois insists that does not mean he has a guarantee to appear on the main team.

The issue of Courtois’ moves has been echoing since a few weeks ago, in connection with the plans of the defending European Champions League champions to bring in new goalkeepers who can replace Keylor Navas. Because this Costa Rica national team goalkeeper is getting older, and his recent performance was not very satisfying.

Previously, Madrid had hunted David de Gea, but their efforts failed and finally Courtois became an alternative for Madrid. After a deadlock, finally Los Blancos managed to ‘lock’ the former Atletico Madrid service through a ransom of no less than 35 million Euros. Courtois is certainly pleased with this move, because he has dreamed of playing for Real Madrid since childhood.

Although from the beginning he was named as a substitute for Keylor Navas as Real Madrid’s main goalkeeper next season, but the former Atletico Madrid player confirmed that he had no guarantee to be the main goalkeeper. He must try first to get the trust of the coach during the training session.

“Nobody has to give you a guarantee that you will play from the start. At first, you must show that you deserve that opportunity in a training session. There is no team that I have defended that gives such a guarantee.”

“I also want to say that Real Madrid has the best defense in the world. I think I am a great goalkeeper, also Keylor, Casilla and Luca. This position is well supported, ” said Courtois on the Real Madrid official website.


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