There is Shakira on Pique’s tax evasion case

The Spanish Tax Authorities is really careful in finding faults from individual crimes. After successfully ensnaring Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in tax fraud case, this time they are back ‘to catch a big fish’.

This latest Barcelona center-back, Gerard Pique, was fined 2.1 Euros or IDR 33 billion after being caught embezzling taxes. The player’s wife who is also a world-famous singer, Shakira turned out to be taking it in this hot case.

Spanish Tax Authorities here feels there is a violation of the law against the defendant, Pique who claimed not to report his income through copyright in his own name. The court concluded that Pique had faked his income report, which had been going on for a long time.

According to a trusted source, Pique bravely gave a fake report to the Kerad Project Company, so that he could pay less tax in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Spanish Tax Authorities did not remain silent, on May 13th, finally came out by rejecting Pique’s appeal regarding the 2016 indictment which requires the former Spanish national team player to pay 1.5 million Euros (around IDR 24 billion) because of tax arrears and a fine of 600,000 Euros (around IDR 9.52 billion).

The refusal of this appeal has not actually stopped Pique’s hopes of returning to the same thing, but his trial must be higher than before. This decision came out after Shakira, interrogated by a judge near the city of Catalonia for alleged tax evasion of 14.5 million Euros (around IDR 230 billion).

Luckily for Shakira, she was not punished for being proven innocent. However, Shakira is still under surveillance and also excludes several investigations that will be carried out by the Spanish Tax Authorities.

The Spanish La Liga stars really got the attention of the Spanish tax authorities, saying that they were not only investigating Pique, it was mentioned that Neymar was also under their supervision regarding the bonus he received while defending Barcelona and his transfer to Paris Saint-Germain which broke world record.

Barcelona is a team that has felt its players exposed to tax cases, before Pique was named Lionel Messi who was exposed to the same case in 2016. Messi also left the story of having to pay compensation in the amount of 2 million Euros plus a prison sentence of 21 months.

But Messi’s jail sentence was replaced with a fine of 252 thousand Euros (around IDR 4 billion), equivalent to 400 Euros per day from his original sentence. No different from Messi, a former Real Madrid star, Ronaldo was involved in this case too.

Ronaldo himself agreed to pay a fine of 18.8 million Euros (around IDR 298 billion) and taxes to settle the case. Till now the Spanish Tax Authorities seemed to show their seriousness in resolutely resolving all small and large tax violations.

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