These players should not be released by Manchester United

Manchester United is still in the same condition, still settled with its status as a team that is difficult to compete in the hunt for the title, even getting a place in the European Champions League. What’s wrong with Manchester United? There are many underlying factors, and one of them is the policy in the transfer market.

In each edition of the summer transfer market, the Red Devils often bring good players. But at the same time, they also just let go of the players who owned and considered an inappropriate decision. The following four players are included. Anyone? These are the players who should not be released MU.

1. Ander Herrera

The Spanish midfielder may not look extraordinary, but his consistency deserves a thumbs up. He even had become a mainstay of Ole Gunnar Solksjer in the second half of the 2018/19 season yesterday. Unfortunately, since the previous summer, the former Real Betis player indeed refused a contract extension from Manchester United, because the club was reluctant to meet the demands of the player’s salary increase. Finally, Herrera moved to Paris Saint-Germain on a free transfer last summer.

2. Memphis Depay

The Dutch National Team Winger was once known as one of the most potential players when performing brilliantly in defense of PSV. Then, MU brought him in 2015, but after only one season and considered not shining, he was loaned to Lyon, then released permanently. Now Depay performed brilliantly in France with Lyon. If only MU were more patient, they would have found Depay as a mainstay winger at this time.

3. Marouane Fellaini

Manchester United’s decision to sell Marouane Fellaini in the 2019 winter transfer market is also considered wrong. The Belgian midfielder is said to be one of the players who is quite flexible. At least he can be a good coating player, especially his experience is also needed by Manchester United.

4. Romelu Lukaku

And the last and most unfortunate is the sale of Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian national team bomber was released the club last summer to Inter Milan, because Solskjaer felt that the former Chelsea did not match his playing style. Even though at Inter Milan my wounds performed brilliantly, he packed 10 goals from 13 Italian Serie A parties that have taken place so far.

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