Thiago Alcantara akui Performanya Saat Ini Mengecewakan

Thiago Alcantara Admits His Current Performance Is Disappointing

Spanish midfielder Thiago Alcantara understands very well the criticism that has recently approached him. In fact, the player also admits that his current performance is disappointing.

In fact, the former Barcelona player joined Liverpool since the summer of 2020. Thiago was bought from Bayern Munich with a tag of no less than 25 million Pounds Sterling.

Of course, it is hoped that Thiago can actually become a replacement for Philippe Coutinho, especially since he also contributed to bringing Bayern Munich to the Treble Winner in the 2019/20 season.

But unfortunately, Thiago is still considered unable to live up to expectations, apart from his performance as well as his physical condition which has recently been prone to injury. In addition, he had also been exposed to Covid-19, so he had to be absent for some time.

Statistics show that the former Barcelona player has played just 18 games in all competitions this season, and recently he has also been showing poor performances.

Naturally, then, the 29-year-old midfielder has been the target of criticism regarding his performance on the field. He is also considered less suitable for Jurgen Klopp’s team play style.

Interestingly, Thiago Alcantara himself admitted to having heard all the criticism that was directed at him.

“I didn’t read a word about what people said about me,” Thiago told TNT Sports Brazil.

Well, here Thiago Alcantara also admits that his performance has been disappointing, not only recently, but since he just joined Liverpool. Personally, the player is not happy with his current form.

“I know that I received some criticism about my performance, but I myself have not been happy with my performance since coming here,”

“A new club, a strange situation, I have a bad injury, so to get back to the usual rhythm is quite difficult, but that is not an excuse,” he concluded.

Liverpool itself has just managed to secure tickets to the quarter-finals of the European Champions League this season thanks to a 2-0 victory over RB Leipzig in the second leg of the last 16 round of midweek yesterday.

In the duel, Thiago played from the first minute and you could say he performed quite well at that time.

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