Thiago Alcantara Lebih Cocok Main di MU, Bukan Liverpool

Thiago Alcantara Is More Suitable To Play At MU, Not Liverpool

Spanish midfielder, Thiago Alcantara is considered to have made the wrong decision because he joined Liverpool. Paul Scholes even considered that the former Barcelona would be more suitable if he played for Manchester United.

Thiago Alcantara joined Liverpool after being redeemed from Bayern Munich for 20 million Pounds Sterling in the transfer market last summer. Many have praised Liverpool’s decision to hook the Spanish midfielder.

Of course, the public hopes a lot from Thiago Alcantara, who in the previous season won the European Champions League title with Bayern Munich.

At first, the former Barcelona player appeared to be stunning, but after the injury and also the Corona virus he experienced, Thiago Alcantara’s performance seemed to have decreased.

In fact, related to the player’s decline in performance, many discordant voices claim that Thiago Alcantara’s style of play does not match Liverpool’s style of play.

One of those who think like that is Manchester United legend, Paul Scholes. Interestingly, Scholes also claims that Thiago Alcantara will perform much better with Manchester United.

“He doesn’t look like the type of player Jurgen Klopp likes, does he? You think of the midfielder he has and the attackers. Everyone has high speed.”

“I think he better fits the Manchester United team. In a two very strong defensive midfielder format, where he can relax and control the game.” said Scholes in Premier League Productions.

The tight pressing scheme that Jurgen Klopp applied to Liverpool did not seem to give a midfielder like Thiago Alcantara the opportunity to perform optimally.

“Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool, I don’t see them controlling the game. I see them aiming at the opponent’s throat. He doesn’t have the energy to surpass the strength of the midfielders,” he concluded.

As for the latest Premier League match against Sheffield United, Thiago Alcantara, who played from the first minute, was replaced by James Milner in the 76th minute. Well, in a sense, this change affected the victory of the Reds.

At that time, Liverpool managed to win 2-0.

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