Thiago Alcantara’s wife bullied by Munich fans

One unpleasant news happened, where this news involved the wife of the Bayern Munich central midfielder, Thiago Alcantara who was being made a scapegoat by his own fans. Julia Vigas from Thiago’s wife was mentioned as someone who influenced her husband’s mind to return to Spain.

Thiago was the original player built by the La Masia academy in 2006. However, he decided to move to Bayern Munich on July 14, 2013, which was trained by Pep Guardiola. During his 6 years in the German Bundesliga, Thiago has never been replaced and has always been the first choice of various types of coaches.

So far, Thiago has recorded 176 appearances by scoring 28 goals and 30 assists in all competitions. The positive results began to close when he was rumored to be returning to Barcelona. According to the response from Munich fans, Julia Vigas is a figure who influenced Thiago to return to Camp Nou.

Julia Vigas was said to have asked Thiago to return to Spain and regroup with his extended family, as Julia Vigas was a beautiful woman born in the state of Matador. The figure of Julia Vigas is a daughter of a conglomerate in Spain, where her family owns a four-star hotel in the Costa Brava area.

No different from women in general, Julia Vigas is known to have a hobby of fashion and fashion. Shopping is something that can make him happy. With a graduate degree from the University of Barcelona in 2013. Julia Vigas is now known as an expert in the field of marketing and communication.

Thiago with Julia Vigas was officially married in 2015, where his love relationship has resulted in a boy named Gabriel.

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