Thierry Henry reveals he actually does not want to leave Arsenal

French legend Thierry Henry admitted that he actually felt very comfortable at Arsenal and did not want to leave. So, what caused the striker to leave Barcelona?

Henry initially failed at Juventus, but since joining Arsenal, his performance has improved sharply. For approximately eight years the striker played at the North London club, he scored 226 goals and became the all-time top scorer for the Gunners.

Unfortunately, in 2007 Henry chose to leave to Barcelona. The decision, of course, disappointed the Arsenal fans.

However, in fact Henry did not want to leave, he even felt very comfortable with his career at the North London Club.

“At Arsenal, I can play in any position I want,” Henry told Puma Football.

In addition to the comfort gained, Henry also claimed to be greatly helped by the presence of several players who helped him score many goals.

“Everything is easier at Arsenal, because I have partners like Bergkamp or Kanu. They both like to be in the middle position, so I can step back a little and then move right or left. ”

“With the presence of Dennis and Kanu, I can move freely. I can go forward, I can retreat to pick up the ball or move on the wing side.” He said.

However, Henry finally realized he could not survive in the Comfort Zone, he then used the 2007 transfer market to try new challenges with Barcelona.

“I never thought of leaving Arsenal at first, but in the end I went to Barcelona. I have to learn a new style of play that is completely different from what I normally play at Arsenal. ” He said.

His career in Barcelona was short, only three years, but was a success. He made 49 goals in 121 appearances for Barca, where he won two La Liga titles and one European Champions League title.

Meanwhile with Arsenal, Henry won only one major trophy, no longer the Premier League title won in 2004.

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