This Arsenal legend was amazed by Liverpool’s performance

Seeing Liverpool’s dominance this season, does not necessarily make Thierry Henry bored. The Arsenal legend was even amazed to see the appearance shown by the Reds who were so close to the record invincibles.

Liverpool’s dominance in the Premier League is almost certainly unable to be broken by its competitors. The victory over West Ham United earlier this morning made Jurgen Klopp’s troops stronger at the top of the Premier League standings.

Of the total 27 games, the Reds have not been touched by defeat, winning 26 of them. 79 points have been collected, which means they are 22 points ahead of nearest rivals, Manchester City. It could be said, the Premier League title was in sight.

If you continue to win in the next four games, it means the Premier League title is automatically locked by the Reds. The reason is, Manchester City is no longer powerless to pursue this distance in the remaining seven matches.

For Liverpool fans, this is certainly good news, but to the public the dominance of the Reds seems to make the Premier League boring. But not so for Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry. According to him, Liverpool continued to present a great performance in every match.

Henry even went so tired as to see the commanders of Jurgen Klopp running around here and there throughout the game.

“The intensity, the rhythm that you feel in the Premier League, it feels very high. You see, when you watch Liverpool, even just by watching them, you feel tired. They move very quickly, “Henry said as quoted by Metro News.

Henry also lauds Manchester City under the direction of Pep Guardiola. The team that won the Premier League in the last two seasons in a row, according to him, could put pressure on each opponent, even before the match took place.

“When you go to Manchester City, before you see, there is already pressure on you. If you control the ball, there will be three players ready to surround you. The intensity of the Premier League is very big, “he concluded.

If you win the next four matches, Liverpool will practically lock the English Premier League title with an unbeaten record. This record is known as Invincibles.

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