This beautiful singer said Instagram “destroy” the young generation

Instagram is one of the most popular applications on smartphones today, whether on Apple’s iPhone, or on Android phones. Because, there are so many things that can be found on Instagram, ranging from information to entertainment.

No wonder this application is loved by all circles, ranging from children, adolescents to adults. It feels, almost every cellphone there is an application made by Facebook. Because, in addition to being free in downloading, loading information and entertainment, this application also offers many features.

In fact, the world class artists and singers also use Instagram, even having accounts that are followed by millions of users. Including one of them Selena Gomez. This beautiful singer is known as one of the Instagram users with the most followers or followers.

But who would have thought, Selena Gomez actually has an opinion that Instagram actually brings a bad impact on the growth of teenagers. Why is that ?

According to ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, Instagram often puts pressure on teenagers to look the same as other people who look good in their photos.

“I would be lying if I say Instagram doesn’t damage a part of my generation, their identity. Instagram is a big factor why I named my album Rare, because there is so much pressure to look like everyone else, “Selena said as quoted by The Independent.

Selena Gomes then felt that Instagram had a negative impact on her body and mental state. As a result, he decided to delete the application a few years ago.
“It makes me not feel good about myself and see my body in a different way,” he said at the time.

Interestingly, Selena Gomez decided to re-use the application, although initially he was afraid. However, its use is now only for important purposes.

“It was scary, the first four days it felt like no, there was no way I could do this. At the moment, I only use it if I feel the need and then log off, I don’t take the time to explore, “he said.

Actually, other social media applications like Facebook and Twitter also have a negative impact. But it also depends on us, how wise to use the application.

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