This EPL Coach is jailed for sexually abusing young players during a 25-year period

English football has never run out of material about interesting news that deserves to be raised to the surface. The latest viral news came from a former Premier League teenage football coach, Southampton club who was officially named a suspect and had to accept a bitter news with 24 years in prison.

The offender was indeed deserved by the perpetrator, because he was proven to have sexually harassed young players for a period of 25 years. The crazy human figure is Bob Higgins, who became a teenage coach at Southampton and a lower-level English Premier League club Peterborough, who was revealed last month on charges of harassment of a 24-year-old rookie and has served as a coach in the 1971 and 1996.

Higgins was then nicknamed the “kingmaker” who had definitely misused his position by destroying a generation of young Premier League players to use them for their own sexual needs. In the trial process led by Judge Peter Crabtree boldly issued a severe sentence.

“Predators, cunning and manipulative. A number of boys are idolize you and are ready, and do anything to continue their dream of becoming professional soccer players,” Crabtree said.

“Obviously one who must feel ashamed and guilty is you. You don’t show any regrets,”

This case began to be noticed when a telephone line reference report was made in response to the disclosure of the historic sexual harassment of young football players at clubs throughout historic England in 2016, when all the evidence was collected, the authorities immediately investigated.

The depraved act was carried out during the massage process, Higgins groped them during a massage with post-exercise soap and at home and in his car. From many victims, they claimed they did not dare to speak up, because they felt that their careers would be threatened if they reported the depraved actions.

Precisely in May, Higgins had to undergo the length of the trial process. Higgins last made indecent acts against Greg Llewellyn, while he was a junior at Southampton.

For this phenomenal case, the Southampton Football Club has issued an apology to the victims and is ready to make major changes to make it even better.

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