This ex-Juventus player goes to Lombok

Emil Audero Mulyadi as the former of the third goalkeeper Juventus prefers a vacation to his native Indonesia rather than on the European continent. This moment is certainly not new to world-class footballers, where when it coincides with summer holidays, they certainly do vacation according to their wishes even at the same time as work.

On this occasion, there is an interesting story from Emil Audero Mulyadi who also bring his girlfriend, Federica to visit some places in Indonesia. The first goal of Emil Audero Mulyadi and his lover is Prambanan Temple.

Through social media and incidentally Instagram, Federica claimed to be very happy to be able to visit the wonders of the world. This visit was clearly a new and first thing for both partners, and both of them had indeed come to Indonesia several times. But usually Emil Audero Mulyadi and his lover are more like vacationing in Bali and Lombok.

Prambanan done, Emil Audero Mulyadi and Federica immediately flew to Lombok. If we talk about the city, we could say this city is so familiar to the goalkeeper. According to available data, Emil Audero Mulyadi was born in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara with his father from there, Edy Mulyadi.

While in Lombok, Federica is seen spending a lot of time sunbathing. One of Federica’s favorite places to enjoy beauty is Tanjung Aan Beach, Lombok and it seems she conveyed her joy while being there by writing “Staying at #Surga,” Federica wrote on Instagram.

At this moment, Emil Audero Mulyadi not only gives her lover the beauty of Indonesia’s nature. But here he all introduces Federica to his living grandmother Kauman, Praya, Central Lombok. As for Emil Audero Mulyadi’s career after being released from Juventus, he joined Sampdoria.

At the age of 22, Emil Audero Mulyadi was predicted to still be able to develop because of his extraordinary talent as a goalkeeper. His career was slowly starting to look shining, where Emil Audero Mulyadi had the opportunity to enter Italy U-21 national team squad in the Under-21 European Cup 2019.

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