Mantan Pemain Muda Liverpool Ini Kagumi Sosok Luis Suarez

This Former Liverpool Young Player Admires Luis Suarez’s Figure

Even Luis Suarez is no longer young, He still has top-class quality performance. The former of Liverpool youngster, Sergi Canos, still admires that player from Uruguay, especially when he directly saw El Pistolero’s work epic.
For your information, Sergi Canos is one of ex player of Liverpool Academy since 2013 who has given an apportunity to playing with the first team since 2015.
In other words, Sergi Canos trained with Luis Suarez, the striker who now defending Atletico Madrid and he leaving Anfield to Barcelona in 2014.
Even at that time Canos is only 16 years old, coach Brendan Rodgers is often to invite that young player to trained with senior team because of his quality.
During that opportunity, Canos saw the quality and work ethic of his senior Liverpool players. But among all the players, he delighted by the wornk ethic and mentality of Luis Suarez.
He said that this ex player of Barcelona worked very hard in training sessions, even thought he insisted on training even when his leg was injured at the same time.
“I remember one of training session. I having good friendship with Jose Enrique, and all Spanish man usually having breakfast together,”
“Luis experienced something with a nail on his leg. I don’t know what happened, but he was limping. And Jose Enriques said: ‘Well, it’s Monday, don’t practice’ Luis said: ‘Maybe maybe, I will ask the physiotherapy,’” He said to Goal.
“And he went out and practice, limping, on Monday! They just come home and I was amazed. I said: ‘This guy loves football!’” He exclaimed.
Seeing Luis Suarez’s mentality and work ethic makes Canos feel aware that the success achieved by Uruguay players is purely due to his hard work.
“He said: ‘I can’t stay inside, I just want to go out and train with you!’ We said: ‘Yes, but what’s the point ?!’ Now I understand that it has a point. Now, I am like this. That’s why the standard has to be up here, “said Canos.

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