This former MU player ever wished to be signed by Barcelona

was young. He is sure to be of interest to big European teams in the same class as Barcelona, ​​but instead the one who came to ask for his hand was Tottenham Hotspur.

The Bulgarian striker began to be known since playing for Bayer Leverkusen. Berbatov was the source of the Bundesliga club’s goals. Out of 201 appearances, he has 91 goals. In 2006, he was bought by Tottenham Hotspur through a 10 million pound pocket.

Berbatov did play for Tottenham afterwards, but there was a disappointment in the minds of the players at the time. Because, after a brilliant performance with Leverkusen, he was so sure of interest in big European teams such as Barcelona and Real Madrid.

“I was like,‘ wait a minute, Spurs wants me? What? Not Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Manchester United? ‘”

“I thought of all these stupid questions because I thought I performed so well that the big team had to chase me,” he told TalkSPORT.

Now, Berbatov realizes that everyone will feel passion and confidence that is very high when he was young, even though there is nothing to be proud of.

“When you were young, you thought you knew everything. You think you have all the answers to all the questions, but you don’t have anything, “he continued.

He finally received a proposal from Tottenham Hotspur, the reason being because of the presence of Martin Jol who was then working as a coach at a London club.

“Once again, my intuition will start working together, ‘Berbs is now the right time, it is difficult but we need to challenge ourselves’,” he recalled.

“In the end, their persistence was a big factor for me, and of course, meeting Martin Jol was when I knew I had to go there,” Berbatov said.

Berbatov then performed nicely with Tottenham, he managed to score 46 goals in 102 matches in all competitions. Thanks to his slick performance, the player was finally recruited by the club of his dreams, Manchester United, in 2008.

During four seasons defending United, Berbatov won a number of titles and scored 56 goals in between.

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