This is Ancelotti’s response after defeated at the First Marseyside Derby

Everton again have to bury their ambitions to be able to win in the Marseyside derby match against rivals, Liverpool. On the occasion of last Sunday, the Toffees were defeated with a final score of 0-1, despite dealing with Liverpool which in fact dominated by young players. So, what did the new coach Carlo Ancelotti say about the defeat?

As is known, Everton face Liverpool in the FA Cup continued on Sunday (05/01). In the match that took place at Anfield, of course the Toffees welcomed the mission of winning the inaugural victory at the headquarters of the rivals, the last time they were conquered in 1999 ago.

Moreover, in that match, coach Jurgen Klopp made a massive rotation, resting a number of major players such as Mohamed Salah, Virgil van Dijk, Roberto Firmino and others. Liverpool itself plays a combination of senior players and academy dropouts as Klopp wants to pause his key players in the midst of this tight period.

Unfortunately, Everton could not use this moment to win their first victory at Anfield. Curtrone Jones, who was only 18 years old, managed to break down the Toffees goal in the second half. The visitors who appeared with their best squad finally defeated with a final score of 0-1. After the match, Ancelotti claimed he was not satisfied with the performance of his team.

According to the Italian manager, Everton’s performance in the match was not good enough, especially in the second half.

“I will talk to all the players and tell them that wasn’t good enough. To be honest in the second round, we were not good enough. I have not talked to them, but I will discuss this with them and tell them about it. I will tell them about this. ”

“Our failure to score in the first half made our performance decline in the second half. It’s not good enough because we lost our identity in our game, and I think the players are not able to create opportunities in front of the opponent’s goal,” said Ancelotti after the match.

That way, the record of never winning at Anfield since 1999 continues Everton. While Liverpool continued their positive record and dominance in the Marseyside Derby, and advanced to round four of the FA Cup.

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