Andrea Pirlo Responded To The Lost of FC Porto

Juventus were surprisingly defeated by FC Porto when they traveled to Portugal at dawn WIB. So, what did coach Andrea Pirlo say about the defeat?

As is known, the defending Italian Serie A champions visited Estadio Do Dragao against FC Porto this morning WIB (18/02). The duel was titled the first leg of the last 16 of the European Champions League.

On paper, Juventus are indeed the favored to win, even though the match took place at the opponent’s headquarters, but in fact the Bianconneri were the ones who suffered at the end.

Yes, Juventus in the end were beaten by a final score of 1-2 from the hosts, even they were two goals behind before then Federico Chiesa scored the only goal in return for the visitors.

Indeed, this defeat is not the end of everything, let alone that one goal back was enough for Juventus to increase the chances of qualifying for the quarter-finals. In other words, they only need to win one goal without reply in the second leg duel in Turin later.

But of course, defeat is still defeat, especially as Juventus are the top team here.

Speaking of which, after the match coach Andrea Pirlo could only say that his team had conceded two “odd” goals. Especially the first goal which then made the confidence of Cristiano Ronaldo et al decrease.

“When you concede a goal in the first minute, which is strange, it’s natural for players to lose confidence, especially against a team that knows how to defend,” Pirlo told Sky Sport Italia.

The rest, the former AC Milan player then said that there were some of his flagship players who were indeed not fit in the match due to the tight match schedule.

These include Giorgio Chiellini, Alvaro Morata and Matthijs De Ligt.

“Matthijs De Ligt unfortunately had a cramp, Chiellini had a calf problem and Morata was not at his best before, then felt sick at the end of the game,” he added.

The second leg match between Juventus and FC Porto will take place in March.

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