This is Klopp’s explanation about Naby Keita’s situation

An internal competition to be the main team of Liverpool can be said to be very tight, and one of the players who became a ‘victim’ of the competition is midfielder Naby Keita. Later, the Ghanaian player rarely gets a chance to appear in the Liverpool first team. Coach Jurgen Klopp acknowledged that, but of course, he had a reason behind it.

For information, actually a similar situation has also been experienced by this former RB Leipzig player since the 2018/19 campaign. According to records, the Ghanaian national player has played 33 times in all competitions that The Reds have participated in it. However, the situation worsened along with the performance of the Brazilian midfielder, Fabinho.

In fact, Naby Keita’s performance can be said to be still very good, the proof is in the match against Bournemouth last weekend. Departing from the bench, Naby Keita scored in the 44th minute.

Talking about the midfielder’s situation, coach Jurgen Klopp finally spoke up. And apparently, although rarely played, it does not mean Klopp has lost confidence in Naby Keita. The former Borussia Dortmund tactician confirmed that he fully believed in the quality of Naby Keita.

“Naby Keita rarely plays, I am aware of that. So I kept in contact with each other and talked a lot about it. In the end the player needed proof that his coach still believed in him. I never doubted him and [Saturday] was very helpful. “It’s fun. Naby has an injury and the team is in very good condition, so are you going to change it? If you change it, you won’t be able to fly,”

“It is not as heavy as we won all matches with a score of four or five blanks, so we have to get rid of players who will help in defending dead ball situations and the like,” Klopp was quoted as saying by Goal International.

But, it seems like the difficult period experienced by Naby Keita with Liverpool will end soon. The reason, coach Jurgen Klopp will make large-scale rotation along with the density of the waiting waiting.

For information, Liverpool will play in 9 matches throughout this December. They will play in the Premier League, Carabao Cup, European Champions League and Club World Cup.

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