This is the criteria for an ideal son-in-law of Anya Geraldine’s mother

Anya Geraldine’s name lately indeed continues to be a byword, her charm makes this 24-year-old woman estimated by many men. Well interestingly recently the mother of the celebrity revealed the criteria of a man who became her ideal son-in-law.

This was seen in Anya’s Instagram story. There, it was seen Anya was preparing to attend an event, accompanied by her personal assistant who was styling her hair.

Behind the two figures, there was Anyar Geraldine’s mother who was standing while holding a glass of water. The assistant then asked Anya’s mother about the criteria for an ideal son-in-law.

“Ma, what kind of future son-in-law for Anya is like?” asked Anya Geraldine’s assistant.

Well, there are three criteria that must be met based on answers from Anyar’s mother, including one of whom has good religious knowledge and worship.

“It must be the responsibility, a good religion, and so is the faithful,” answered Anya Geraldine’s mother.

Anya herself looked shocked when she heard the words of mother who hoped that her son-in-law would be obedient in religious matters. In fact, when asked whether her son-in-law must have a handsome face, Anya’s mother even considered that to be the 10th condition.

“Is handsome face important?” asked Anya Geraldine’s assistant again.

“Nope! Number ten. The most important thing is the responsibility and love for my daughter, “affirmed Anya Geraldine’s mother quickly.

Hearing the answer, Anya was seen only smiling.

“See, guys, if you want to be her son-in-law,” continued Anya Geraldine’s assistant.

In fact, as far as news is circulating lately, Anyar Geraldine is often close to handsome men. He is also known to have been close to a man named Ravil Prasetya. But the figure was confirmed Anya was only limited to close friends.

Anya was also known to be dating Okky Raditya, a handsome man too. It’s just that, this couple often invite controversy because it is considered often upload photos with vulgar poses.

After parting ways with Okky Raditya, Anya is dating a young celebrity, Bio One, but their relationship doesn’t last long. Whereas now, Anya Geraldine is dating Ovi Rangkuti, known as a wealthy young entrepreneur.

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