This is the difference between common sore throat and Covid-19 symptoms

In the rainy season like now, sore throat is one disease that easily attacks. However, of course, in the midst of the outbreak of the Corona Virus, it is still difficult for people to distinguish a common sore throat or symptoms of Covid.

This is due to the fact that one of the symptoms of the corona virus is a sore throat, cough, and fever. However, we also cannot beat that everyone who has a sore throat is definitely infected with this virus.

In fact, sore throats can result from a variety of medical conditions. There are a number of very plausible causes, such as an infection or environmental factor, which makes the throat feel dry, itchy and sore.

Times of India launches that sore throats are also divided into three parts, including:

– Pharyngitis, affecting the area just behind the mouth.
– Tonsillitis, swelling and redness of the tonsils.
– Laryngitis, swelling that occurs in the voice box or also called the larynx.

However, the public question is how to distinguish a common sore throat from the symptoms of the Corona virus?

Generally, symptoms of sore throat are felt by sufferers of Covid-19 when the corona virus has entered the membrane that connects the nose to the throat. This causes swelling of the throat area.

In fact, people who only have the common cold can also feel other symptoms simultaneously such as pain, chills and aches, which are the same symptoms as those with Covid-19.

Although the two have similarities, COVID-19 patients will usually experience a sore throat with more predominant symptoms, such as fever, cough and fatigue.

Therefore, when we feel pain in the throat without other symptoms such as fatigue and fever, chances are that it is just a common cold infection caused by environmental factors.

But it’s good to really confirm whether we are infected with the Corona Virus or not, it’s better to do a Corona test, so that we can get proper and fast treatment.

It should also be noted, before the above symptoms happen to us, we must regularly consume healthy foods rich in vitamins to increase the body’s metabolism.

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