This is the reward from Sturridge for anyone who finds out his dog

Former Liverpool striker, Daniel Sturridge has just told of a bad moment he experienced a few days ago. Where the player claims to lose his pet dog when his house looks messy, because of being burglarized.

Knowing where his dog was lost, Sturridge immediately offered a prize of money to anyone who could find his favorite pet. If you dissect the amount of rewards that will be obtained for the inventor, it can be pointed out that Sturridge is now without work.

Sturridge recently had to accept a bitter pill after Liverpool were reluctant to extend their contract. This status did not make Sturridge sad and tried to entertain himself with a vacation to Los Angeles, United States.

Like falling down on a ladder, when times are hard about an uncertain soccer career. It turned out that Sturridge had to put his heart back because the moment of his vacation must be disturbed by the incident of burglary that ended the loss of his beloved dog.

This bad moment occurs on Monday night, July 8, 2019 US time. From this incident, the total loss of Sturridge was quite large, where a number of bags were taken away by the thief. But the most interesting thing here when the material does not become a serious problem for Sturridge, but the pet dog that is the level of seriousness Sturridge.

Sturridge then thought of doing something and he immediately made a video of an emotional request on his Instagram account. At the moment of his upload, Sturridge not only asked for help, but he also made a contest that anyone who could find his dog and bring it back would be given a big prize.

“Notice that someone has committed a violation with me by breaking into my home in LA, by taking my dog from home. Look, who knows the person who entered my house, I will pay you anything. I’m really serious, “Sturridge said.

“Who took my things and I just want to find out. I want to know what happened. I want to know why they took my dog. I want to know why they took bags from the top floor. I want to know what’s happening, I’m really serious,”

“Why is it that easy that people can enter a house in LA and take someone else’s dog? Are you crazy? You go into a house to get a dog? Yo, someone please find my dog. I will pay anything! I am very serious! I want my dog back!” Sturridge ended.

This incident was sharpened by Sturridge, where before this moment happened, he and his colleagues only left the house for a while as they traveled out of the house for about two hours. From this short time, Sturridge was surprised why the thief was so brave.

Sturridge’s dog named Lucky Lucci is still mysterious and unknown, and if you are one of the inventors of the dog. Then you must be ready to become a new rich person because Sturridge is ready to provide super big rewards.

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