Ini Penguasa Pasar Smartphone di Indonesia Pada Tahun 2020

This Is The Rule Of Smartphone’s Market In Indonesia On 2020

Smartphones are now like a necessity for most people, knowing that smart phones can not only be used as a means of communication but also various other things such as reading news, playing games, ordering things, and much more.

Moreover, during the Covid-19 pandemic which has been going on since early 2020 until now, the need for Smartphones continues to increase, considering that students are required to continue studying online.

In Indonesia, there are quite a number of Smartphone brands that have launched various models of smart phones. Well, the following brands are listed as the brands with the highest smartphone sales in Indonesia throughout 2020.

  1. VIVO

VIVO is a sub-brand from Oppo and of course it also comes from China. The focus of Vivo on releasing low-end cellphones with a price range of 1-3 million Rupiah makes their market share still control smartphone sales in Indonesia reaching 23.3 percent.

  1. Oppo

This Chinese brand was initially underestimated, but since focusing on the development of Low-End and Mid-End Smartphones such as the Reno series and the A series, Oppo has succeeded in attracting the interest of the Indonesian people.

In fact, their Market Share throughout 2020 reached 23.2 percent, only 0.1 percent less than VIVO.

  1. Xiaomi

Just like the two previous brands, Xiaomi is a Smartphone brand from China that is so famous for their Redmi and Poco series.

Even though they are priced at low to mid-end prices, the fact is that the Redmi and Poco series offer qualified specifications. No wonder the market share of Xiaomi in Indonesia in 2020 increased to 15.3 percent.

  1. Realme

Realme maintained healthy annual growth in every quarter despite being hindered by limited supply issues in the first half of 2020.

Realme continues to rely on low-end product offerings and aggressive digital marketing initiatives. These ventures put them in fourth place with a market share of 14%.

Please note, Realme itself is also a sub-brand from Oppo, which is reportedly created to be a competitor to Xiaomi.

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