Begini Kata Keluarga Ayus Soal Isu Nikah Dengan Nissa Sabyan

This is what Ayus’s family said about the issue of marriage with Nissa Sabyan

After officially divorcing his wife, Ririe Fairus, Ayus Sabyan is rumored to be getting married to Nissa Sabyan, who was later referred to as the third person in Ayus and Ririe’s household. Is that right?

Nissa Sabyan has been accused of being the third person present in Ayus Sabyan’s household with Ririe Fairuz. In fact, Ayus’s younger brother revealed that his brother had been in an illicit relationship with Nissa since 2018.

This is also what made Ririe Fairus then sued her husband for divorce since last January. Whether it’s true or not the news of Ayus and Nissa’s affair, it is clear that Ririe and Ayus’s divorce has been officially granted by the Religious Court.

Interestingly, after officially divorcing Ririe Fairus, Ayus Sabyan is believed to be marrying Nissa Sabyan in the near future. This news started going viral after the claim of an indigo woman, Madam Rifdha, who was then spread by a gossip account.

“They are going to get married. But not now. Because here the families of Nissa Sabyan and Ayus still cannot accept their respective circumstances. So, it is still like refusing between the two parties,” said a voice in the recording.

Regarding this claim, Fadhila Nova as Ayus Sabyan’s sister previously revealed her brother’s affair with Nissa Sabyan by commenting. According to him it is better for netizens to ask Nissa Sabyan directly.

“Waalaikumussalam, sorry Ma’am, can you ask directly with the closest people from NS,” said Fadhila Nova to detikcom via short message.

So far, Nissa Sabyan has not spoken about the allegations of adultery, but her father has strongly denied this news.

“Nothing. Because I know very well. Yes, I deny. If such signs parents will know. So far, so far, he has not been (something strange),” said Nissa Sabyan’s father, Komar.

However, citizens are not satisfied with Komar’s denial, because the affair between Ayus Sabyan and Nissa Sabyan was revealed by Kandung’s younger brother Ayus Sabyan and justified by Ririe Fairus

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