This is what Luka Modric said about Gareth Bale

Real Madrid midfielder, Luka Modric also voiced his opinion regarding the complicated situation that occurred between Gareth Bale and the club at this time.

During the last few seasons, Bale has indeed been in the spotlight at Real Madrid. The Wales National Team winger is clearly not part of the coach’s plan, Zinedine Zidane.

In fact, in the 2019/20 season campaign yesterday, he was more often reserved, especially in important matches.

In conclusion, as long as Zidane is still in the managerial seat, Bale will automatically not get the chance to play regularly at Real Madrid.

The French coach reportedly has been firm about this case. The problem is, the club still cannot provide a solution. They have tried to find the right club for the player.

Unfortunately, in the midst of a pandemic like now, only a handful of clubs are willing to pay the high salaries of the players.

Information heard saying that Real Madrid even cut the official release price for the former Tottenham Hotspur player to facilitate his sales.

Regarding this, midfielder Luka Modric can only say that only Gareth Bale can decide what is best for his career. Does he really want to continue his career in Madrid or leave.

It feels like the 30 year old player is mature enough to make a decision.

“Almost 12 years we played together and now the situation is difficult for him and the club. Gareth has to find out what he wants to do. He is an adult and has to decide what is best for him.”

“Does he feel happy here or does he want to try something else?” Modric told The Times.

What is clear, in the view of this Croatian player, Gareth Bale is a quality player.

“For me, Gareth is a great player and can still do many things in the world of football. It depends on him whether he still has the desire and determination to keep going.”

“I think he still has it, but whether he ends his career here [Madrid] or continues, he is still an important player,” he said.

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