This is what Nobu said about Gisel, who did not appear at the examination

The man with initials MYD in the case of Gisel nasty videos, Michael Yukinobu Defretes or who is usually called ‘Nobu’ has undergone a police investigation. According to the information, the examination itself lasted almost 12 hours.

It is known that Nobu came to the Polda Metro Jaya yesterday (04/01) at 10.15 WIB. The examination process, which was quite long and time-consuming, was only completed at 21.48 WIB.

According to information heard, Nobu’s investigation was reportedly carried out in conjunction with Gisel’s examination as the female lead in the perverted video.

Unfortunately, Gisel herself chose not to attend the examination on the grounds of picking up her son, Gempi, who had just returned from a vacation with her father, or her ex-husband, Gading Martin.

Nobu was then questioned by the media crew regarding Gisel’s absence during the investigation. Unfortunately, Nobu chose to ignore questions from the media crew and then immediately got into his car.

However, Nobu still gave a gesture of apologizing to the media crew for not being able to provide any response regarding Gisel’s absence during the investigation process.

“Sorry, sorry,” he said.

Before being asked that question, Nobu himself said that as a law-abiding Indonesian citizen he would try his best to be cooperative during the investigation process.

“Good evening, today I am fulfilling the summons for investigation and as an Indonesian citizen I obey the law I will try to cooperate,” Nobu told reporters.

Furthermore, the figure known as a basketball player then apologized to all Indonesian people for his actions, he regretted it and felt that this was a punishment from God to him.

“For the things that have happened so far, I truly regret and apologize to all Indonesian people, to families and related parties,”

“I’m really sorry for everything I did. This is a punishment from God on me. I ask for prayer support and really apologize,” concluded Michael Yukinobu Defretes.

Indeed, after a long silence regarding the accusation of a woman in the 19-second sex video, Gisella Anastasia finally admitted that she was the woman in the video.

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