This Man City young player crying at Kompany’s farewell moment

Sadness accompanied by crying was present at Vincent Kompany’s farewell event from the Manchester City squad, because he’s not getting a contract extension considering he was no longer young. Interestingly here is when the Manchester City young player, Oleksandr Zinchenko was seen crying with heavy tears.

The player in the position of the left full back admitted that no one thought Kompany would leave The Citizens. Indeed the issue of Kompany’s departure has been heard since the end of the 2018/19 Premier League season yesterday. Manchester City itself really did not forget the sacrifice of the player by submitting a one-season contract extension, but the offer was rejected by Kompany choosing to join Anderlecht.

The attitude of Manchester City is indeed very reasonable, the article Kompany is a player whose tenure is long enough, and as captain he is a figure full of merit. If speaking of quality, the figure of Kompany is still quite beneficial for the team next season.

“Crying, well, and I’m honest, nobody would have thought that this would happen. But that’s how football is, no one knows what will happen, “Zinchenko said to the media.

At the end of his tenure, Kompany was quite successful by presenting three titles at the same time as Premier Legaue, Carabao Cup and FA Cup. Kompany’s trip under the Sheikh Mansour project, Man City became a super team. They have great financial strength, and that status can bring in even stellar players.

Apart from all the domestic titles that have been achieved, one curiosity of Manchester City is not yet embracing the Champions League title. In his farewell moment yesterday, Kompany gave a message for the future that someday Manchester City could become European champion.

“Can’t guess what will happen, all our players or we are upset with the Champions League. We deserve better results,” Zinchenko continued.

Last season, the move of Manchester City in the Champions League was stopped by a team at the level of the English Premier League. Where the moment occurred in the quarter-finals, Pep Guardiola’s men only lost on aggregate away goals which ended with a score of 4-4.

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