This man “relieved” after the male figure in Gisel’s sex video was finally revealed

The 19-second sex video which was so viral some time ago did not involve Adhietya Mukti, but the person concerned actually felt the impact of the loss of the video.

As is known, in the viral video, there is a woman who is claimed to be similar to Gading Martin’s ex-wife, Gisella Anastasia. Meanwhile, the figure of the man in the video is still a question mark.

However, netizens assume that this man is Adhietya Mukti, because on several occasions he was seen with Gisel.

In addition, there are several similarities that appear from the man in the video to Adhietya Mukti, so it’s no wonder strong accusations are directed at him.

However, after about a month, it was only revealed that the man in the video was not Adhietya Mukti, but Michael Yukinobu Defretes, while the woman was indeed Gisel.

Adhietya Mukti himself admitted that as long as he was accused by Netizens of being the male figure in the video, he suffered psychological losses.

His wife did not point to him, but the family became the target of netizen bullying.

“The psychological disturbance of the family too. Because I am both (with my wife) personally, because I am sure I did not do it, it means that I just walked away. Only the impact on my family and earlier I also clarified right,” said Adhietya Mukti.

Well, now that the perpetrator is revealed, Adhietya Mukti admits that he is very relieved because then his family is no longer the target of netizens’ blasphemy, as well as he and his wife.

“Personally, thank God it’s for my family. So thank God the blasphemies have decreased and there is almost nothing for my family,”

“It’s a relief because the family knows what is right. The blasphemies from the netizens are extraordinary. Really grateful,” said Adhietya Mukti.

Interestingly, quite a number of netizens who the other day accused him of being a male figure in the sex video then apologized, of course Adhietya accepted it gracefully.

“A lot (apologizes) so it’s like a gathering event,” said Adhietya Mukti.

Meanwhile, related to the video case, the police have conducted an examination of MYD on Monday (04/01).

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