This MU Legend charged by FA for breaking betting rules

Paul Scholes became a public ‘hot topic’ of English football. Known as the legend of Manchester United, he instead received a strong rebuke from the English Football Federation, otherwise known as the FA.

In his rebuke, Scholes had to pour out funds of 8,000 pounds or around IDR 143 million, after claiming he violated the rules of the English football authority, FA, because he was proven to gamble. In his admission, Scholes really likes to play the game.

Interestingly, Scholes claimed to have played gambling 140 times. He did this activity from the period of August 17, 2015 to January 12, 2019. It can be sure if Scholes did illegal activities while still being a manager of Salford City.

But the good thing is, Scholes still far from the alleged game of setting the score against the promotion team to League Two. However, according to the FA, eight of the bets present the name Manchester United. In his statement, when the game presented the name Ryan Giggs and Nicky Butt was in the ranks of Manchester United coaches.

Second is bets placed at Valencia when Gary Neville and Phil Neville are in the Spanish club. The two allegations were Scholes’ business partners because of Salford City. FA rule itself is forbidding all players to get involved in gambling in football.

Not only that, Scholes’s name was also included in the alleged eight-bet game in the competition that Salford followed. Including the FA Cup that must be regretted because they were eliminated quickly. The party from Scholes claimed to accept the sanction.

In his press conference, Scholes claimed to accept it and apologized for his wrong behavior. He tried to convince all parties that he would return to the right path and stay away from all the prohibition rules issued by the FA.

“I accepted the decision last week. I want to apologize and I understand and fully accept the fines imposed by the FA. It is a real mistake and is not done with intentional intention to break the rules. ”

“My belief is wrong because I do not believe what I have done with any match that I have risked then there will be no problem. But I understand now that this is not the problem and I have to take steps to evaluate what has happened, “concluded Scholes.

Scholes showed his love for the world of football, where he again served as coach of a team named Oldham Athletic. But unfortunately, his new period only lasted 31 days, and only handled the club in seven matches before leaving on March 14, 2019 ago.

Now Scholes is unemployed, but there is much speculation that the legend will return to Old Trafford as a supporting role in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s mission and ambitions to succeed the Red Devils next season.

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