This Real Madrid star disagree to take a pay cut

Many soccer players who make movements to help others in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic. They are willing to the idea of ​​salary cuts from the club. But, Real Madrid’s mainstay midfielder Toni Kroos actually does not agree with the idea, why?

A number of European giants have adopted a policy of salary cuts, some even do not provide salaries at all to their players. Because the competition was postponed temporarily, as well as club activities.

As a result, the club’s revenue is clearly reduced, while the players’ contracts are still running, so they must continue to pay their salaries in full.

Juventus is one example, they cut their players and staffs salaries up to 50 percent and Cristiano Ronaldo and squads agree with the policy. Then, Barcelona players also willing to take pay cut up to 70 percent.

The same policy is also expected to be taken by other clubs including, Real Madrid. Because, until now there has been no decision issued by the club. Even so, it is believed Los Blancos is considering the possibility.

However, the policy plan was rejected by one of Los Blancos employees, Toni Kroos. Kroos felt that it would be better if the players’ salaries were still paid in full, and later they would donate them in their own way to their respective areas.

“Cutting salary is like a vain donation. I would rather agree that players get a full salary and each of them does the responsible thing with the money.

Every player is asked to help where they are needed, and there are many areas for why things like this are needed,” Kroos said to Marca.

Furthermore, according to Kroos this Pandemic will damage the overall football schedule if it continues until the end of the year.

“Many clubs do not receive fixed income in the midst of this crisis, it also depends on how long this difficult situation lasts,”

“For example, if soccer is played again in May, clearly there will be a solution found. However, if you have to stop until winter, I think it will change football completely, “Kroos continued.

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