This sexy gamer reject IDR 2 billion dating bids

Rachel Florencia is not only known as the late Boomer, but she is also known as a gamer. Well, recently, the beautiful woman became a guest star in the Youtube Channel podcast show, Deddy Corbuzier.

Many things were then asked by Deddy about Rachel’s social life, including about the matter of the mode of the men. The reason, Rachel Florencia is not just having a beautiful face, her sexy body often makes men smitten.

In question also often upload sexy photos on Instagram, no wonder many adam who later teased Rachel. Either through the comment column or direct message via the Direct Message feature on Instagram.

Interestingly, Rachel Florencia admitted that quite a lot of men from the public figure who tried to tease her through direct messages.

“There are quite a lot anyway I started to rise. There are lots of verified ones, blue check starts to show what flirting. (Flirting) Answer the story like emoticons, how really exasperated, so beautiful, “Rachel said in the video podcast.

Even more surprising, there was a fake account that sent him an offer to date the 20-year-old woman. Unmitigated, the value of the offer of 150 thousand USD or about 2 billion Rupiah!

“Wow, there are so many things, like he sent me using a fake account, I’m going to Bali in 10 days, you want me to accompany me, I will pay 150 thousand dollars”, said Rachel.

Deddy Corbuzier himself looked surprised to hear confession from Rachel, but the celebrity never paid heed to the offers. In fact, they are directly blocking these accounts.

“Ah, a lot. But I immediately blocked, I didn’t care, “said Rachel.

Actually, Rachel Florencia herself already has a lover, so how does her boyfriend respond to that?

“It’s fine if I don’t respond,” Rachel said.

In addition, there are also many accounts that send messages in the form of obscene pictures to Rachel, but of course none of them are ignored by her.

Rachel Florencia is also known as Wibu, or someone who so idolizes various things about Japan.

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