This sexy WWE athlete almost lost her fingers at shooting location

As a wrestling athlete it may be a common thing to get injured during training, but what happens when the injury is obtained when shooting for a film production of soap operas. This status has just happened to the WWE sexy wrestler, Ronda Rousey who experienced a terrible incident on the set of a television drama film, 9-1-1.

As a result of this incident, Ronda almost lost all of her fingers. In the production of this film, Ronda played the role of a Los Angeles firefighters, United States. In one scenario, the 32-year-old woman had to break the door. However, unlucky for her because the door that was smashed turned around and pinched the middle finger and ring finger on his left hand.

That moment immediately makes her finger hurt, even Ronda’s middle finger is broken and almost broken. Quickly the officer with all his fingers hanging limp. After all the processes went smoothly, Ronda immediately told all the events starting from the beginning to ending at the hospital.

“I almost lost my finger when shooting 9-1-1. This accident is quite strange. On the first day, the door pinched my hand. Then I felt it, but I have not seen it because the picture is not finished. It sounds crazy, but I have never shown pain (to others), “said Ronda, who was born in California.

Bad signs are actually already beginning to be felt by her, but Ronda wants to continue to show a professional attitude, even though she is experiencing hurts that are quite painful. Ronda herself finally gave information to the film crew that her fingers were broken after all the shots were finished.

“When all the shooting was finished and good, I told the film director about this situation. Then I was rushed to the hospital using an ambulance. The doctor immediately attached my bones and tendons with a screw, “continued Ronda.

“When all the processes were finished, the next day I resumed filming and finished the scene before returning home. Modern medicine fascinates me. I have recovered 50 percent and can move my fingers in only three days, “concluded Ronda.

Here Ronda also praised the medical team’s rapid response, and especially to the modern medicine that is now rapidly curing its ailments. In other words, the medical process succeeded in getting her finger back together and moving it as before.

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