This snowy country can be visited on a budget

The climate in Indonesia which tends to be tropical, it’s no wonder that it’s hard to find snow, in fact, the snowy mountains only exist in the Irian Jaya region, precisely at the peak of Jaya Wijaya. This makes many Indonesians interested in traveling or traveling to other countries that have a cold climate and even snow.

It’s just that the problem or consideration of Indonesian people is usually the costs spent traveling to a snowy country. The ticket can cost IDR millions. Not to mention the lodging, transportation in the country, then the price of the food. That said, people will think two to three times before deciding to visit a snowy country.

So, is it possible without draining the contents of our wallets to still travel to Snowy countries? The answer is very possible. There is a country, rather snowy region that is less familiar to hear. But, this region has eternal snow mountains like in Switzerland. This snow mountain is located in Lijiang, precisely in the province of Kunming, China.

Yes, Lijiang has an impressive view of the eternal iceberg, the mountain is named Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. This mountain has an allure because it is always covered with snow even though it is entering summer. No less interesting, under the foot of the mountain is the Blue Moon Valley River with steps. The water is super clear, even nicknamed the Milk River.

China also has another snow mountain, precisely in Tibet, there is Mount Shangrila, we can play snow as much as we like. Well, for plane tickets to Kunming Province itself is relatively cheap, precisely IDR 1.5 to 1.7 million flying once. If we want to get a cheaper price, we should book in advance, do not think about transit, because usually the price will be cheaper.

So traveling to a snowy country is possible without having to drain the contents of the wallet, Kunming province in China is a very good solution. So when else can you go on vacation to a snowy country at that cheap price? Moreover, we can also directly visit Tibet to get a beautiful view of Mount Shangrilla.

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