This woman surprised to find out she has PCOS after not getting a period for 10 months

Recently, quite a viral story of a woman who found herself suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS after being late for menstruation for approximately 10 months. How is the story?

There’s a Tiktok account with the address @ria.wnp which tells of the experience via short videos. So far, the video has even been watched by 6 million Tiktok users.

In the video, Ria as the account owner tells how she finally chose to go to a Gynecologist after 10 months without menstruating.

Well, after an examination, the doctor diagnosed that Ria had PCOS.

Please note, PCOS itself is a hormone disorder that usually occurs in women of childbearing age.

PCOS itself is mostly caused by the presence of excessive levels of male hormones (Androgens) in these women so that the menstrual cycle is disrupted.

Ria said that she had actually been seeing this irregular menstrual disorder for a long time, but usually it was 6 months at the longest. Currently, 10 months have passed but I haven’t had my period.

“And after being examined by the doctor, it turned out that I had PCOS: ‘) Honestly, I was really tired at that time, but I’m sure I can handle all this”

“For all women who may feel the same as me, menstrual irregularities, can hurry to the SPOG doctor, yes, so that they are treated more quickly,” he wrote in the video, quoted by with the permission concerned.

Posts and videos uploaded by Ria then went viral, so the conversation of many netizens was not only on Tiktok, but also on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Many netizens later sympathized with Ria’s condition. Some also feel anxious about the condition considering that they experience symptoms of irregular menstruation.

“We are representatives of TikTok, all of them pray that the disease can be removed and can be healthy again,” commented the TikTok account @o *** B **.

“Why do so many people get PCOS, I’m afraid it’s not going well,” commented the TikTok account @L *** w **.

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