This woman was very surprised her mole turned out to be skin cancer!

Assumptions circulating in the community say that Mole is a birthmark, because of its existence since birth. However, moles also apparently cannot be underestimated, especially if a sudden appearance.

As experienced by a woman from Australia recently, who was shocked not to know that her mole is skin cancer.

As with most moles, the size of the mole in the woman is small, but over time, the size increases to 12-15 cm in size. Not only that, the woman who was known to be 33 years old also felt heat in her mole area.

“I’m worried about that, but I’m not sure if it’s a changed mole, or there’s another lump,” Courtney said.

Feeling something was wrong, the woman finally checked it with a dermatologist. What a surprise he learned that the mole turned out to be melanoma cancer.

“I have checked several times to a general practitioner, and they all think it’s fine, but when my father said my mole had changed, and he suggested to go to a dermatologist, finally after going through the test, the doctor said I had melanoma, “said Courtney, quoted from the Daily Mail, Sunday (1/3/2020).

Of course, the woman must undergo chemotherapy to overcome the melanoma cancer that she experienced.

To note, Melanoma Cancer itself is one skin cancer that is fairly malignant. The cause so far is known because the cells that produce Melanin are disrupted. Melanin is a cell that gives color to the skin.

Initially, melanoma cancer will be marked by changes in shape and size of moles that have existed since birth. It’s just that in some cases, as experienced by the woman above, this cancer sometimes arises with new moles.

Generally, melanoma cancer also appears in areas of the body that are rarely exposed to sunlight such as the armpits, feet, palms and the like.

So, how to prevent it? Routine consumption of foods or fruits that contain high antioxidants such as oranges, tomatoes, mangosteen and so on.

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