Timo Werner chooses to join Bayern instead of Liverpool?

Along with his brilliant performance, Timo Werner managed to become the target of the Premier League giant, Liverpool. However, Dimitar Berbatov suggested that German players join Bayern Munich.

Timo Werner’s performance on the front line of RB Leipzig is indeed increasing. In this season’s campaign, the 24-year-old has scored 27 goals in 36 matches in all competitions. Not only that, he also has packed nine assists for this.

Hoping, for the 24-year-old chosen player, Timo Werner is the figure of the invited young talent. No wonder the Liverpool classmates are so interested in the services of German players. Supposedly, there have been questions by the Reds.

Of course it’s very interesting to move to a club like Liverpool. Moreover, Jurgen Klopp’s troops are developing rapidly and fully competing in the title race. This season alone, they will surely become champions of the English Premier League.

Hearing this news, former Manchester United player Dimitar Berbatov asked Timo Werner to reconsider the requested future. It would be better to stay in the Bundesliga and join Bayern Munich, agreeing to join the Club Outside Germany including Liverpool.

“There is news about Bayern’s interest in Timo Werner, and playing in the Bundesiga, Munich are at the top with big names like Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona, ​​Manchester City, Juventus and others,”

“Every season they appear in the Champions League and they are dominant in Germany. Honestly, it seems like a move that makes sense for Werner, he knows the league, they know him there, he is much easier to communicate with, “Berbatov told Betfair.

Furthermore, Berbatov said that it would make more sense if Tim Werner survived with the previous German football style. Getting close to England will take time to adapt.

“However, as I said, it makes sense for him to go there to move to England where it will take longer for his needs,” he said.

Unfortunately, at present the German Bundesliga and Premier League competitions have been postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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