Today’s Prediction, Ajax will win over Juventus

Quarter Final of this season’s Champions League will be held soon, in this round the public was so surprised because the results were beyond predictions. One of the matches that stole the attention was Ajax vs Juventus. In this case many have issued predictions that the pace of Juventus against Ajax will be so easy.

Interestingly here, there is one figure who deviates from the prediction, he is a former Arsenal striker, Charlie Nicholas bravely issued a prediction that Ajax will overthrow Juventus in the first leg of the Champions League.

Ajax are actually not a superior team that will go far in the Champions League finals this season. This prediction comes out because Ajax has young players who lack of experiences. The doubts they managed to break by being able to get rid of Real Madrid in the round of 16.

Now, Erik Ten Hag’s landing squad have been waiting for a new challenge. They will face Juventus who have many experienced players, one of them is Cristiano Ronaldo. But luck is a bit in favor of the hosts, where Juve are doubtful for Ronaldo because he still has a hamstring injury.

In Nicholas’s view, Ajax would be a bit superior if Ronaldo didn’t play. He dared to issue these predictions that Ajax would win with a thin score of 2-1.

“My belief has not led to Ronaldo’s fitness level. He was rested at the weekend. If he doesn’t start, it is a great opportunity for Ajax. They are experienced and strong, Juve likes physical contact while Ajax is creative and energetic. Dusan Tadic is a player who is more experienced in this team and he has performed great,” Nicholas said.

“Both teams will score and I think Ajax will close the match with a victory. We will wait, whether my prediction is correct or Juventus deserves to be the seeded team this season, “concluded Nicholas.

On the other hand, the views of many Ajax players, including Nicolas Tagliafico, assess the players are looking forward to waiting for the big match against Juventus. Defender Ajax said that his team was very ready to give resistance to Juve, although the match will not be seeded.

“We will compete with the same mood when we play against Madrid. We understand that the match will be very difficult, and they are a very great team and they also have extraordinary players like Cristiano Ronaldo,” said Tagliafico.

“We have weapons to deal with them, namely we play without knowing fear. We will use it to achieve big results against Juventus,” said Tagliafico.

For the Ajax vs Juventus match itself will be officially held on Wednesday, April 11 2019 at 02:45 WIB at the Amsterdam Arena, Netherlands.

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