Hasrat Toni Kroos: Ingin Bertahan di Real Madrid Sampai Pensiun

Toni Kroos’ Passion: He Wants To Stay At Real Madrid Until He Retires

Usually, a football player has a plan to play at his home club before hanging up his boots, but not all players have the same plan, like Toni Kroos, for example, this German midfielder wants to retire at Real Madrid.

Toni Kroos, 31 years old is actually not a player who started his career with Real Madrid, he is one of the players who dropped out of the Bayern Munich academy team.

The new midfielder was bought by Los Blancos in the summer transfer market in 2014 through a pocket of 30 million euros. Over the past 7 years, Kroos has indeed been irreplaceable in Real Madrid’s midfield even though the club has often changed coaches.

The German National Team player also took part in helping El Real win a number of prestigious trophies. This includes three consecutive European Champions League trophies.

For a football player, playing for a club like Real Madrid is certainly a matter of pride, especially since he has won a trophy there.

Kroos’ own career also looks more perfect along with his success in winning the world title with the German national team in 2018.

Regarding that, the former Bayern player admits that he has always pursued perfection even though he knows that nothing will ever be perfect in this world.

“I have always pursued perfection, even though you will never be perfect,” Kroos told Real Madrid’s official website.

For that, the player tries to continue to maintain his performance at the top level in order to last longer at Real Madrid and even hang up his boots later.

“I’ve always been training hard and I’ve been working hard for many years so that I can have a long career. I’ve always said that I want to retire at this club and that’s what I’m working on at the moment,” he said.

But of course, it’s never easy for a player who is over 30 years old to continue to stay at Real Madrid, the age factor will make them slowly be eliminated from the main squad. Moreover, Kroos is a highly paid player.

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