Too bad! Mother leaves her baby who confirmed positive for Covid-19 at the hospital

Being infected with the Coronavirus does indeed make someone sometimes ostracized by the community, because there are still many people who have wrong views about the transmission of this virus.

Of course, it is unfortunate if in the end the victims are children, because automatically he will also be shunned by his friends and people around him.

However, a much more severe story was heard in Italy, where there was a woman who had the heart to leave her infant child in the hospital after knowing that her daughter was positive for the Corona Virus.

This news then circulated widely until it was published in the International Media, The Sun, as quoted from a statement from a doctor at the hospital.

“A mother who took her daughter to the hospital after her baby fell ill with COVID-19 has left her child,” said local doctor Marilù Furnari at Di Cristina Hospital, Italy, quoted by The Sun.

The woman whose identity was withheld had previously tested positive for the Corona Virus along with her infant child. Both are in health facilities, Palermo, Sicily, Italy.

However, when the baby had to receive further treatment at Cristina Hospital, the woman ran away. Local medical personnel tried to contact him several times, but there was no answer.

Because it has been days, finally medical officers reported this case to the local police in order to track down the woman’s whereabouts.

“The medical staff tried to contact her mother for days,” explained Dr. Marilù.

“But we could not reach her. At that time we called the police and told the police that the little girl may have been abandoned by her mother,” he explained.

As reported by la Repubblica, the woman initially pretended to be the aunt of the baby who was only four months old. On 12 October she had disappeared from the baby’s side.

The child is now reported to have recovered from the Corona Virus, and the police are still trying to trace the whereabouts of the mother, talk to witnesses who have seen her and see CCTV footage around the area.

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